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Stakeholder Involvement Group

LCDOT will be enlisting the input of the Deerfield Road Phase I Study Stakeholder Involvement Group (SIG) to assist with the project. The SIG will provide input on various study elements including the definition of project issues and concerns, and developing evaluation of the potential alternatives. The SIG consists of community leaders from the study area, and stakeholders with expertise or technical interest in environmental, land use, transportation, and economic development that are affected by the study, as well as other representative stakeholders.

Stakeholder Involvement Group Meetings

The Stakeholder Involvement Group (SIG) will meet throughout the project to learn about the project and provide valuable input from varying perspectives. The input gathered will help the project study group throughout the project development process. SIG meetings will be held at certain project milestone points to gather input on the project issues and needs, purpose and need, range of alternatives, and the preferred alternative. It is anticipated there will be approximately five of these meetings throughout the project development process.